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Our Services

Dog Walking

Short on time?  Busy at work?  Dog bored during the day?  Let us stop by, at your convenience, to walk and play with your dog, so they will stay happy, entertained, and healthy!

Daytime Visits

Is your pet alone for a long time during the day?  Are you coming home to accidents?  We can stop by and let your pet outside, play with them, and give them attention they need!

Vacation Visits

Going on vacation?  Don't want to rely on kennels or family to care for your pet?  No need to worry, we can visit your pet in the comfort of their own home!

Specialty Services

Does your dog need to be dropped off at the groomer?  Have a senior pet who needs medication during the day?  New puppy not quite trained yet?  We are happy to help with your pet's special needs!

Dog Walking

Daily walks are vital to your dog's health.  Walking can help keep your pet's weight under control, decrease anxiety and behavioral problems, burn off excess energy, and relax your dog.  However, busy schedules make commiting to a regularly scheduled walk difficult for dog owners.  Posh Pet Care can help! 

During our free initial consulation, we will tailor your dog's walking plan according to their needs.  You choose the days, times, and length of walk necessary for you dog. 


All pet visits include a pet report card, which will tell you all about how the walk went and any special information you need to know about our visit with your pet.

Daytime Visits

This is the perfect type of visit for your pet if you work long hours, have a day trip, or just want to spoil your furry kid with some special attention while you are away during the day! 

Our typical daytime visit takes place mid-day, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., however, additional hours are available upon request. 

Daytime visits for dogs can include: a trip outside, a short walk, fresh water, food as needed, medication if required, playtime, lots of cuddles & belly rubs!  

Daytime visits for cats can include:  fresh water, food as needed, medication if required, litter scooping, and lots of playtime!

All pet visits include a pet report card, which tells you all about how the visit went and any special information you need to know about your pet's day.


During our free initial consultation, we can discuss the exact needs of your pet and come up with the perfect plan!

Vacation Visits

Our vacation visits are perfect for the pets who prefer to be at home, as opposed to locked up in a cage at a kennel.  Our in-home visits reduce the amount of stress on your pet and help them to maintain their normal routine. 

During vacation visits, we typically see dogs first thing in the morning, mid afternoon, and at bedtime.  Our visits include: a trip outside, a short walk if needed, feeding them, giving them fresh water, medicating them if required, playing with them, and giving them as much attention as possible!

Cats usually require one or two visits daily, but we are happy to see them as many times as necessary.  The visit will include: feeding them, giving them fresh water, medicating them if required, scooping their kitty litter, and playing with them!


You will receive a pet report card for each visit while you are away.  We are even happy to text/email you with a daily update on how things are going.

In addition to services for your pet, we are also able to retrieve your mail, water your plants, rotate the lights, and bring your garbage to and from the curb, at no additional charge.



Specialty Services

At Posh Pet Care, we understand that sometimes you just need a helping hand with your pet and we are here for you!  If your pet needs a ride to or from the groomer, we can take them!  If your pet requires medication while you are away at work, we are happy to stop in and give it to them.  Maybe you have a new puppy and need a few quick visits every day to help them along with their potty training.  Whatever the special need is, we will do our very best to help because above all, we want what is best for your pet! 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your pet's special needs and we can figure out a plan that will work best for you and your pet.

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