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About Jen

Jen is a life-long lover of lots of furry friends!  She grew up taking care of her family's pet dogs, Rexy and Alexander.  Rexy was blind for most of his life, so Jen grew up being familiar with the care of animals with special needs.

In her adulthood, Jen owned a cat, named Mimi, who lived a wonderful long life of 15 years.  She also had a beautiful, amazing Bernese Mountain Dog, named Zoe, from puppyhood until Zoe crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 10 1/2 years old. 

Her most recent dog is her furry son, Jack, who was rescued from the streets of Detroit.  Jack was heartworm positive and was covered with icicles when he was found.  Jen fostered Jack until he was heartworm free and then she adopted him into her loving family! 



Jen's first paid pet sitting job was at the tender age of ten!  Since she is a natural care giver, Jen has been asked to care for the pets of family and friends many times over the years.  She is appreciated for being a very detail-oriented, conscientious, gentle person. 

In 2014, after staying home to raise her three daughters for 12 years, Jen began her professional pet sitting career at The Whisker Watch, an established pet sitting business based in Macomb, Michigan.  She quickly gained the trust of clients, both human and furry, making her a great asset to the company.

In 2015, Kelly, the owner of The Whisker Watch, decided to pursue different ventures in her life.  After working with Jen, and seeing her level of care and passion for the animals, she thought it only fitting that Jen should be the one to continue with the care of her beloved clientele. 

While Posh Pet Care was created to offer continuing service to previous clients of The Whisker Watch, Jen is looking forward to meeting and caring for many new furry clients!


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